2023 - 2024 Booster Club Committees


Mike Chestnut - Chair

Katie Holm

Keith Lehman

Chad Christeson

Klint Peterson


Keith Lehman - Chair

Justin Adams

Heather Frese

Jeremy Gustafson


Natalie Hilsabeck - Chair

Katie Holm

Nikki Hightshoe - State Qualifiers

Katie Barrett


Jayme Ungs - Chair

Clink Jenkins

Nikki Hightshoe

John Wiebold


Monica Danner - Chair

Kim Peterson - Manager

Clint Jenkins

Jason Nystrom

Aric Reiks

Special Events:

Jeremy Paul - Chair

Jeremy Gustafson

Mike Carr

Chad Christenson

Mike Tungesvik

Angie Beck

John Wiebold

Special Events Continued:

Luke Wittrock

Scott Degeneffe

Cody Bunning

Toby Smith

Sara Sharp

Jessica Russell

Sara Kepner


Heather Frese - Chair

Jason Nystrom

Justin Adams

Mike Carr

Jayme Ungs


Heather Frese

Jennifer Thilges


Marc Westberg - Chair

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Thanks for you support

The Boone Booster Club appreciates the support from Boone Family Chiropractic. $10 from each physical was donated back!

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Justin Adams, President   515-230-0007  jadams@city.boone.ia.us

Keith Lehman, Vice-President  515-231-7376 klehman@boone.k12.ia.us

Heather Frese, Treasurer   515-298-2974  freseheather@yahoo.com

Jeremy Gustafson, Secretary  515-291-0675  jkgfarms@gmail.com

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The Boone Booster Club has a continued tradition of supporting extra-curricular activities in the Boone School District since 1987. Over the last two years, we have raised and supported the students at BCSD with over $130,000. We support athletic teams, clubs and activities and also help with other projects. We have provided funding for an updated sound system for the gymnasium, wraps and banners for the buildings, uniforms and travel gear, equipment and tools just to name a few. We also award $3,000 in scholarships annually to several deserving BCSD students. 

The Boone Booster Club is composed of parents, businesses and other community members who have an interest in improving and assisting the BCSD sports and activities. The Booster's primary purpose is fundraising to support all activities and promoting school spirit, sportsmanship and education through participation in activities.