Standards Referenced Learning & Grading

The Boone Community School District believes it is essential to ensure learning for all students. Standards Referenced Learning and Standards Referenced Grading (SRG) is a key to this promise. Teachers work collaboratively to identify essential learning standards for each grade level and course. Teams determine what it looks like to be at the beginning, developing, and proficient level as well as what it looks like to exceed expectations for each standard. Using SRG, teachers focus on what students should know and be able to do and report learning to students and families according to essential standards.


The Boone Community School District uses a combination of districtwide, grade-level, and classroom assessments to monitor student learning. Norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, performance, formal and informal classroom-based assessment instruments aligned with content standards are used to collaborate in teaching teams and with families in support of student success.

Iowa School Performance Profile Data

The Iowa School Performance Profile is an online tool showing how public schools performed on required measures. You may see Boone CSD district and school reports here: ISPP Website.