Curriculum & Instruction

BCSD Is a Professional Learning Community

Boone Community School District is a professional learning community (PLC). A PLC is an ongoing collaborative process of inquiry and action research to achieve better results for students. As a PLC, collaborative teams within each of our schools address four essential questions to drive our instruction:

  1. What do we expect all students to learn?

  2. How will we know our students have learned it?

  3. How will we respond if they do not learn it?

  4. How will we respond if they already know it?

This collaborative work as a PLC is at the root of our efforts for improved teaching and learning and professional development.

Curriculum Standards for Student Learning

Our classroom instruction is driven by the standards of the Iowa Core Curriculum. Each collaborative team at BCSD has developed essential standards, assessment, and instruction for each grade level and course based upon the Iowa Core.

Curriculum Review

Curriculum development is an ongoing process. Embedded within our PLC Collaborative Teams is a process to review curriculum materials and implementation of instructional strategies. Teams review alignment of student learning standards across grade levels and courses, analyze student achievement data, and reflect upon materials and instruction.

Instructional Technology

Boone Community School District provides technology and resources in order to create a universal, 21st century learning environment. Technology is integrated into learning opportunities for students PK-12. This includes the use of Chromebooks for 1:1 technology access for all students.

Contact Person:

Dr. Jill Janes, Director of Innovative Learning

Central Office

500 7th St. Boone, IA 50036

Phone - 515-432-7750 ext. 1121

Fax - 515-433-0753